Three Misconceptions about Volleyball

  1. “Volleyball isn’t even a real sport!” Far from true. Ask FIVB, AVCA, AAU, JVA, CEV, AVP, NFHS, NAIA, NCAA and USA Volleyball (just to name a few) if volleyball is a sport and you’ll get a resounding, “yes!” Whether it’s rec, school, club or professional, players across the globe enjoy this fast-paced, competitive sport.
  2. “Well, it can’t be that intense since it’s a girls sport anyway…” If you are talking about the chemistry you have to build to create trust, the tolerance to jump and dive, the wit required to strategize, and the commitment to develop the game then sure, let’s call it a girl’s sport.
  3. “Only white girls play volleyball.” That may have been true decades ago but it’s no longer the case. Volleyball has been embraced across the globe, in many cultures and yes, ethnicities as well.  Black girls are playing volleyball and they’re winning in more ways than one.

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