The Dreaded Overhand Serve…

By Sabrina (BGV Blogger and Recreational Volleyball Player)

One of the toughest things about volleyball for kids my age is going from underhand to overhand serving. It’s hard because with underhand serving you don’t have to worry about throwing the ball in the air or timing when to hit it. Most kids also think it’s easier because you don’t have to have a lot of power. If you aren’t tall or you’re just starting volleyball, overhand serving can be really intimidating to even try.

But if you’re a little serious about volleyball and you want to get better, it’s a good idea to change to overhand serving. When you underhand serve, the ball can stay in the air a long time allowing the other team a lot of time to get to it, but overhand serves can be lower to the net making it harder for the other team to receive the ball. With a lot of practice you can learn different types of overhand serves, like a float serve.

When I first started playing volleyball three years ago I was eight years old and of course, I started serving underhand. Underhand wasn’t that hard for me because I served with a lot of power, but I really wanted to serve overhand so I started trying last year. And even though I’m not perfect with it, I’m more consistent this year.

Overhand ServeHere are a few tips to for overhand serving:
• Practice, practice, practice!
• If you’re very short, throw the ball up high and make contact at a higher point on the ball
• Use your arm to follow through completely as you swing
• Follow the coach’s suggestion – start close to the net when trying the serve and then back up each time as you get better and better
• Don’t do a lot of EXTRA! Get the basic overhand serve down before trying jump serves and other stuff
• Lastly, don’t rush your serve. Take your time!

The biggest thing to remember is not to give up. If you can get your serve over the net with an overhand serve, but not all the time, DO NOT GO BACK TO UNDERHAND SERVING! You won’t get better if you do that.

Good luck and more importantly, have fun!

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