And this costs HOW much?

Volleyball is accessible to almost anyone now regardless of where you live — from inner cities to small towns; suburbs to rural communities. The fees to play depend on the level of interest or activity and they can vary quite a bit. Let’s recap the fee ranges based on level:

  • Recreational clubs (local recreation centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs, etc.): $50-$120
  • School teams (middle schools, high schools): $0-$100
  • Club/Travel Teams: $500-$8000*

There are a few other costs to consider as your daughter starts this exciting sport.

  • A volleyball(s) for practice at home
  • Knee pads
  • Athletic shoes (volleyball shoes are not a necessity for middle/high school play, but highly recommended)
  • Ankle supports
  • Volleyball spandex
  • Clinics and/or camps
  • Travel to/from tournaments (gas, car/van rental, airfare for regional and national tournaments)*
  • Hotel accommodations for tournaments*

(*-for club or travel play only; sometimes these fees are not included)

If your daughter has the talent and interest (and it’s economically feasible for the family), the costs especially for club volleyball can be quite an investment.  If  not, recreational volleyball in the off-season still offers an opportunity to work on developing skills, conditioning and just stay active.

There are opportunities for financial support, scholarships and fundraising if your family considers club volleyball. Also, many clubs offer monthly installment fees, breaking down the total cost over a set number of months. For more information and ideas about financing volleyball, visit How can we cover the costs?


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