And How Much Will Club Cost?

Between rec and school, volleyball is a sport almost anyone can play and enjoy — whether you live in a city or small town; suburb or rural community. Club volleyball, however, takes the sport to a whole other level and this includes added costs as well.

Fees associated with rec and school are minimal; total costs including registration fees, buying a ball, knee pads and optional athletic shoes can range from $50-$200.

Club or travel? Well, let’s do a quick breakdown–

  • Club/Travel Teams Fees: $500-$8000 – Why is the range so big? Open-level and/or national teams have higher fees than local or regional teams. And much like everything else, location has an impact on costs as well.
  • Uniforms: $0-$500 – Many clubs provide uniforms as part of the club fee, but some clubs don’t or they only include specific items like jerseys and warm-up apparel (where spandex, backpacks, etc. come at an additional cost).
  • Hotel and Travel Costs: Varies – Beyond the fee to the club and uniforms, you will want to factor in travel and hotel costs as well. This can be as nominal as the cost of fuel to and from practices and games, to airline flights and hotels for qualifiers and major tournaments for national teams. Some clubs cover the costs of air travel and hotels, especially for high-level national teams, but most do not.

As you research various clubs, make sure to ask questions and know what’s included in the club fee.

BGV’s Top Five Tips:

  1. Understand (and be realistic) about your daughter’s skill — it will help decide what path to take (rec, regional club or open/national), how much it may cost and what type of investment your family can make.
  2. Know what’s included in the club fee!
  3. Talk to the club managers/owners about multi-day tournaments. Many clubs may not know the exact game schedule during tryouts, but they will know how many multi-day tournaments they will register for and have some sense of where those tournaments are located.
  4. Ask about payment plans. Most clubs offer this option to pay the club fee anyway, but if you need to do some creative budgeting, you can ask about spreading the payments over more months or see if there are any scholarship options.
  5. Not quite ready for club yet? If you find the right coach, rec volleyball can be an excellent way to develop skill and build an understanding of the sport. Clinics and camps can enhance skill as well. Regardless of your level, most volleyball clubs offer clinics or camps throughout the year.