Recreational Volleyball

Boys_Girls-Clubs-LogoRecreational or rec volleyball is a good option to introduce anyone – young or old – to the sport. It is less competitive, which creates a good foundation to actually learn the sport. It’s also less expensive. There’s a few ways to find rec teams:

  • Local recreational centers
  • Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCAs
  • Churches

recreation-centersRecreational teams are generally limited to the winter/spring seasons so there are no practices or games during the school volleyball season, which is held in the fall. Recreational seasons generally begin in December and run through May/June.

Cost/uniforms: Can range from $0-$120. Any fees usually cover the cost of a team t-shirt which will be worn for games, facility fees and the cost of a certified referee for games.


Tryout process: With most rec teams, tryouts are a really a formality – everyone will make a team. Teams are selected by coaches and they try to create teams that are fairly balanced with experienced and less experienced players mixed throughout all teams.

Practices: Generally held 1-2 times a week until games begin; practices may end or be held once a week after games start

Games: With recreation leagues, games are generally held once a week. All teams typically play the first round of playoff games and proceed on until the team loses or plays in a championship game.

COMING SOON – A comprehensive list of recreational volleyball programs in the United States (interested in submitting info for a recreational program? E-mail us at


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